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We have been informed that some members are receiving calls from someone, claiming to be from the credit union. They are asking them to verify their information. DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM! This is not someone from the credit union calling you. If you have a debit card, and there is fraudulent activity on it, you may get a call from our fraud department, wanting to review your debit card transactions. These calls are legitimate.

Member Account Verification

The Supervisory Committee will be conducting a verification of member’s accounts for the October 2022 statements. The Supervisory Committee has requested you to verify that your balance on your statement for October 2022 is accurate. If the balance does not agree with your records, please report any differences immediately to:

Supervisory Committee
PO Box 891
Lewistown, PA 17044-0891

We will consider the balances correct unless we hear from you within 30 days from receipt of your statement.


Supervisory Committee

Attention First Area Federal Credit Union Credit and Debit Card Members!

We now have a DX Mobile App that you can download free from your APP Store on your smart phone. You will be able to schedule your First Area FCU credit card payment, report your debit or credit card lost or stolen, file disputes on transactions that are not yours, include travel notes, and view or download your credit card statement. Some of the features may not be available immediately but will be soon!




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